Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

Heroin and Opiates Rehab

Heroin is considered to be one of the most addictive substances in the world. It is an illegal and less pure version of morphine, which is often prescribed to slow down the nervous system and reduce pain. Both morphine and heroin, as well as codeine, opium, methadone and pethidine, are forms of opiates.

Detox and rehab for opiates

Opiates produce endorphins in the brain which lead to a feeling of intense euphoria. If the abuse of the drug reaches a level where the brain stops being able to produce endorphins like dopamine, then the brain and body can become dependent on opiates like heroin to feel pleasure. Heroin is typically injected, but can also be smoked or snorted. Heroin users feel effects quickly, but these only tend to last for two to six minutes. This encourages users to take heroin multiple times a day.

The best start to recovery

Addiction to heroin and opiates is often the result of a range of factors, including upbringing, current environment and genetic disposition. Physical signs of heroin addiction include nausea, itching, vomiting and constipation as well as an irregular heartbeat and fatigue. The psychological symptoms of this addiction can be incredibly distressing and include feelings of shame and guilt, depression, agitation, and mood swings. These symptoms can drive the sufferer back to using the drug, creating an addictive cycle.


Breaking out of heroin or opiate addiction can be very dangerous and even fatal when done alone due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms. A heroin rehab programme offers a medically supervised detoxification programme to safely cleanse the user’s mind and body of the drug. This usually involves taking medication to gradually lower the level of opiates in the body. However, this is just one of the first steps in recovery.

Rehab & restore

Drug rehabs like Moorpark offer a residential programme which allows clients to engage in a range of holistic therapies and understand their addiction. In learning about the factors and behaviours underneath their addiction, clients can then begin to reshape their lives for the better and overcome the severe detriment associated with heroin or opiate abuse.