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Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction is one of the most common drug addictions in the UK. It is an illegal substance, which gives the user a temporary sense of powerful euphoria, stimulating chemicals in the brain responsible for pleasure. Following this temporary high, however, the user can then suffer an intense ‘crash’ and feel distressing emotional states such as paranoia, mood swings, insomnia and even psychosis.

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Cocaine overdose (which includes powder cocaine and the pharmaceutically similar crack cocaine) is one of the most common forms of drug poisoning, and cocaine deaths have risen by 4000 percent in the UK since 1993. Hearing about its popularity on the news, or being involved in social circles who use cocaine, can make it difficult to identify whether you have an addiction to cocaine.

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The signs of cocaine addiction can include a rapid or irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure which can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. These detrimental effects increase when cocaine is mixed with alcohol or other drugs. Moorpark Healthcare’s team of professionals have strong and diverse experience, which means we are qualified to recognise and treat clients who may abuse multiple drugs.

Acute treatment

The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine do not tend to be physical, but withdrawal can result in intense psychological distress to the sufferer. This is why the most effective form of cocaine treatment is drug rehab. During any great discomfort associated with cocaine withdrawal, drug rehab offers comprehensive medical supervision, followed by a residential programme where the client undergoes a diverse range of modern therapies.

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There are no approved medications to treat cocaine addiction, but the holistic, compassionate approach that Moorpark takes is designed to reduce the need to escape and numb feelings in destructive ways, and instead tackle issues head on in a safe, tranquil space.