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What We Treat

Anxiety, Stress and Depression Treatment

Anxiety, stress and depression are common conditions, therefore rehab treatment might seem like an extreme step to many. However, anxiety, stress and depression are underlying factors and often the root cause of many addictions already treated in a rehab environment. These conditions can also be just as debilitating as addictions, and cause similar detrimental effects such as a decline in overall wellbeing, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, and an inability to work.

Anxiety recovery

Anxiety can be mild or severe, and is also a symptom of conditions such as panic disorder, phobias, PTSD and social anxiety disorder. Anxiety can greatly affect the daily life of the sufferer, and can feel immensely distressing, as the body’s nervous system spends a lot of time in ‘fight or flight’ mode, leaving the sufferer unable to feel calm or soothed. It can be caused by a number of factors, including overactive areas of the brain, an imbalance of serotonin or noradrenaline, genetic disposition, past trauma, chronic illness. Anxiety is also linked to substance abuse.

Depression Rehab

Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness and low mood. It is easy to undermine depression, but it is a real illness, and the sufferer experiences real symptoms. It is linked to low energy levels, poor sleep, a lack of appetite or sex drive, as well as aches and pains. Severe depression can lead to self harm and suicidal thoughts. Therefore, we recognise depression as a condition which requires effective and thorough treatment.

Stress Care

Stress can be the reason behind many different symptoms, both physical and psychological. Physical symptoms include headaches, muscle pain, stomach problems, chest pain and sexual difficulties. Mentally, stress detrimentally affects concentration, memory, and can lead the sufferer to feel anxious, indecisive or overwhelmed. It is easy to neglect the fact that we are stressed as it can become a common and invisible part of our lives. However, when diagnosed, it can become clear just how destructive stress has been to our health.

COmplete care

At Moorpark, we approach healthcare holistically, and therefore we are able to offer a range of treatments and therapies which can be used to treat anxiety, stress and depression effectively. These include DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy), Biochemical Restoration, Trans-Cranial Electro Stimulation, Hydrotherapy and Reflexology. Moorpark’s medically qualified team of professionals respect the gravity of these conditions, and understand the great need for long-term recovery.