Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

What We Treat

Moorpark Healthcare offers comprehensive care and a healing environment for a diverse range of addictions and mental health conditions.

Everyone needs help at some point

Our team of medical and psychological professionals have extensive experience, and are in a position to understand a client’s background, struggles and needs. We work with clients with the aim of replenishing their natural physical and emotional states, bringing them into recovery, and helping empower them to change their lives for the better, while accepting who they really are.

WHatever you need

We treat alcohol and drug addiction through our detox and residential programmes. The drugs we treat include cocaine, heroin and opiates, prescription or over-the-counter drugs and cannabis. Our holistic approach to care means we are also able to treat conditions like anxiety, stress and depression, as well as long covid. Additionally, our team understands the struggle and helplessness of behavioral addictions such as addiction to gambling, sex, and food.

Care & Compassion

Combining therapies, physical activity and medical treatment, we invite clients to thoroughly explore their condition and the underlying emotional wounds, so they can begin to recover in a safe and compassionate place.

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