Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

Wellness & Holistic Treatments

Any residential programme at Moorpark has a focus on all-round wellness, recovery and relaxation. In order for clients to explore the behaviours and reasons behind their addiction or condition, we aim to provide exceptional holistic care which invites reflection and creates a sense of real safety. Building a day-to-day activity plan also gives clients a framework which they can take home at the end of their time in residence with us.

Treating the whole person

Moorpark includes a gym for clients to build and maintain physical wellness, and offers one-to-one sessions with a nutritionist exploring diets and food plans which promote the body’s recovery. Our fully equipped professional kitchen means clients are well nourished at lunch and dinner time, according to their dietary needs.

IN good hands

Our commitment to holistic therapies means clients can also benefit from reflexology and massages, as well as our Jacuzzi bath and Spa Capsule, which offers hydrotherapy as a form of relaxation and detoxification.

Mind & Body

Our stunning grounds are the perfect place to enjoy yoga and pilates sessions with a guide, as well as HeartMath, a meditation technique which aims to bring clients’ physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment.

promoting change

Each of these activities and therapies complement one another to support real change in our clients moods and conditions. Learning new ways to relax and feel good helps clients become less dependent on substances, and feel stronger within themselves.