Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

Treatment Facilities

A distinguishing factor of Moorpark Healthcare is our specialist treatment area, which is a part of the building dedicated entirely to holistic medical and psychological therapies. While our Marble Room is a space for group counselling, learning and entertainment, our treatment area offers a diverse and multifaceted space for healing.

Above and beyond standard

Supervised by our in-house doctor, and situation beside our pharmacy and nurse station, clients can benefit from the following treatments:

  • One-to-one counselling rooms, for dialectical behavioural therapy, adapted from CBT
  • Trans-Cranial Electro Stimulation, through the use of our Sartori chair and Bioresonance equipment. This process activates the part of the brain which creates endorphins, and reactivates serotonin pathways, promoting mental health.

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Spa Capsule

Hydrotherapy in our Spa Capsule, which helps to remove harmful toxins from the body and relax the muscles. This treatment also employs aromatherapy, which helps relieve exhaustion, insomnia and stress.

Biochemical restoration, including IV NAD+ therapy, aiming to replenish and re-energise the body by restoring NAD levels, the enzymes which turn nutrients into energy.


AcuDetox, a special kind of acupuncture which focuses primarily on five distinct points of the ear. This is an effective method of easing anxiety and fear, and reducing alcohol and drug cravings.

Virtual reality technology, which clients can use to access virtual environments designed to bring the mind to a calm and peaceful place.

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