Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

Estate and Grounds

Arriving at the gates of Moorpark Healthcare, clients can see the elegant mid-Victorian house in all of its charm and beauty. Surrounded by natural grounds, we aim to offer the finest environment for healing and recovery.

Surrounded in tranquility

The house itself spans two floors, connected by a stunning Victorian staircase which is overlooked by remarkable stained glass windows. Moorpark Healthcare’s estate comprises 16 luxury bedrooms, the Marble Room for group therapy and educational sessions as well as entertainment, the Gold Room for dining and socialising, our Detox Wing, professional kitchen, gym, Jacuzzi bath, and treatment area. Moorpark’s treatment area brings together state-of-the-art holistic therapies and hosts our expertly qualified medical team who are available 24/7 to offer medical and psychological care.

SPace to think

Encircling the estate are our natural grounds, including a 50-space car park and a beautiful garden area. Bringing activities into an outdoor space allows clients to connect with nature, which may be a rare opportunity for city-based clients.

Serenity guaranteed

Our estate and grounds come together to create a truly serene setting for our clients to feel as comfortable as possible as they begin to face the challenges of recovery, and we are optimistic that every client can make real change within our comprehensive care.

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