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“People are not addicted to drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.” – Anonymous

What is Drug Detox?

There are many kinds of drugs, but all drug addictions will deplete the brain and body of healthy nutrients, fuel destructive behaviours, and contribute to a series of mental and physical health issues. Addiction is also detrimental to our relationships, career and financial wellbeing. Ultimately, the only way to recover from drug addiction is abstinence. Attempting this alone however, can be difficult, dangerous and even life-threatening.

A drug detox programme is a caring, client-centred and medically-assisted approach to freeing the body of drug dependency gradually. This differs from drug rehab, which is the natural next step following a successful detox. Rehab looks at the psychological aspects of a client’s addiction, implementing therapies to inspire lasting recovery, while detox is primarily a physical process and aims to reset the body and brain back to its natural state. However, both medical and psychological care are available at any time during your detox.

Why is Drug Detox important?

Withdrawal is one of the most challenging aspects of recovery. Reducing the amount of drugs you usually consume can come with a range of severe withdrawal symptoms which vary, depending entirely on the drug or drugs in question, how much someone has been using, and how often.

A drug detox programme is a safe place to begin the journey of recovery. Home detox lacks structure. This is what a drug detox programme offers – a medically considered and carefully personalised plan. The supervision of qualified professionals makes this critical first stage of recovery as comfortable as possible, making it far more likely for you to believe in and continue recovery, rather than become overwhelmed and relapse. A drug detox programme offers constant care, helping the body successfully purge harmful toxins, while bringing clarity to the mind in preparation for lasting change.

Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and psychological.
Physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:
Physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:
This is what clients are often up against when detoxing from drugs, which makes a successful detox a huge achievement. Detoxing in rehab makes every medical asset available to clients, and therefore you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms. They are natural, expected and manageable.

How Do We Approach Drug Detox?

Drug detox is an incredibly sensitive process, and requires a different approach depending on your background and condition. At Moorpark, we want to recognise our client’s individuality, and the unique journey they have taken to arrive in our care. We begin with an initial assessment which allows us to become aware of your full medical history, including mental health, and your current condition. Having as much information as possible allows us to personalise your programme and make it safe and effective.

Detox is a residential treatment, meaning clients are accommodated at Moorpark for the duration of their detox process. This is important because it reduces your exposure to triggers that may exist in your home environment, driving you towards drug consumption. In bringing you into a new environment, Moorpark aims also to bring you a new perspective that lies beyond addiction.

Combined with the physical process of withdrawal, during your detox, you can begin to engage in a wider form of treatment that includes a range of therapies. You can also be assured that care is available 24/7, as and when required.

The Moorpark detox process is especially effective is our use of NAD+ treatments. NAD+ is an active form of Vitamin B3, and plays an biological role. NAD+ helps our body convert nutrients into energy, and receiving a NAD+ infusion as part of your drug detox helps put you in an even better position to recover.

A vast number of drugs require a detox process including heroin, prescription drugs, and cannabis. You may be addicted to more than one drug. Moorpark’s qualified team has a diverse experience, and we are able to accommodate clients whose addiction involves multiple substances, or who have a dual diagnosis involving a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression.

How Long Does Detox Take?

A variety of factors affect how long the detox process will take. These include:

  • The kind of drug, or drugs you are abusing
  • How long you have been consuming
  • How often you have been consuming
  • Your general medical condition

Clients will remain under close medical supervision until they have reached a stage of  stabilisation, and withdrawal symptoms no longer pose a physical or psychological threat.

After Detox

Detox is not a cure for addiction, it is only the essential first leg of the recovery journey. Following a successful drug detox, you may wish to invest in a drug rehabilitation programme. This will thoroughly explore the root of your addiction and take a holistic, humanistic and therapeutic approach to helping you overcome a life of drug dependency.

Moorpark offers a careful and comfortable transition for clients, from detox to a rehabilitation programme. We are committed to using the most effective approaches, and we combine these with one of the most serene environments in the UK rehab industry.

Recovery is available to you, and it’s important to consider which options are right for you. We are always happy to talk over our programmes and answer any questions you may have.

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