Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

About Us

Moorpark Healthcare is a client-centred, state-of-the-art rehab clinic, combining a highly-qualified and caring team of professionals with one of the most luxurious and beautiful environments available in UK recovery.

A safe place to heal, grow, recovery

When it comes to healing, we believe in the power of place. Stepping inside our Victorian Italianate mansion is, in itself, therapeutic. While the building is grand and stately, it offers warmth, safety, and tranquillity. Each room in Moorpark is unique and offers its own charm, as well as the privacy wherein each client can begin their journey to recovery. Clients also have the opportunity to connect with nature in the stunning grounds of Moorpark, far from a home environment which so often offers challenges to recovery.

Complete Care

Offering a hugely diverse range of therapies and expertise, Moorpark is committed to working carefully and compassionately with clients, and discovering the route to recovery that works best for them. We treat most addictions, from alcohol and drug abuse, to behavioural addictions, and also conditions such as anxiety and depression. Round the clock comprehensive care is available at Moorpark, so that clients can rest knowing exceptional medical and psychological attention are available whenever they need it.

Premium treatments

Clients usually begin in our Detox Wing, an area of the house dedicated purely to the resetting clients back to a natural state of mind and body. Following a successful detox process, day-time treatment in our residential care can include group therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and a 12 Steps programme. Additionally, our range of complementary wellness facilities include spa capsules, acupuncture treatment, and NAD+ therapy.


At Moorpark, treatment doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. We offer a 12-month aftercare programme that ensures the foundation of wellness gained at Moorpark can flourish as you bring new ways of thinking and a new confidence in your recovery home with you.