Moorpark Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Scotland

Recovery Is Getting Better

Recovery, Safety & Wellbeing in Luxury

Offering a hugely diverse range of therapies and expertise, Moorpark Rehab Clinic near Glasgow, in Scotland, is committed to working carefully and compassionately with clients and discovering the route to recovery that works best for them.

We treat most addictions, from alcohol and drug misuse, to behavioural addictions, and conditions such as anxiety and depression. Round-the-clock comprehensive care is available at Moorpark, so clients can rest knowing exceptional medical and psychological attention is available whenever needed.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
at its best

Physical, mental & emotional well-being in a stunning countryside location near Glasgow in Scotland. Medical, psychological and holistic treatments for addiction & mental health. No other detox or rehab clinic in the UK compares. A place of healing with drug & alcohol detox and mental health rehab.

Medical & Psychological care

Treatment As unique as you

When it comes to healing, we believe in the power of place. Stepping inside our Victorian Italianate mansion is, in itself, therapeutic. While the building is grand and stately, it offers warmth, safety, and tranquillity. Each room in Moorpark is unique and offers its own charm, as well as the privacy wherein each client can begin their journey to recovery. Clients also have the opportunity to connect with nature in the stunning grounds of Moorpark, far from a home environment which so often offers challenges to recovery.

Rehab Treatments & Therapies For all


Our team of medical and psychological professionals have extensive experience, and are in a position to understand a client’s background, struggles and needs. We work with clients with the aim of replenishing their natural physical and emotional states, bringing them into recovery, and helping empower them to change their lives for the better, while accepting who they really are.

“For addiction, stress, depression and anxiety treatment, there is no better place to recover”

What we treat

Alcohol Addiction

Despite being incredibly difficult to overcome alone, alcohol addiction treatment under medical and psychological supervision is a highly effective route to recovery. Addiction rehab is a place dedicated to helping clients recover. And, as the best alcohol rehab in Scotland, Moorpark treatment programmes take a multifaceted approach to healing, including freeing the body of dependence via alcohol detox in Glasgow, before working with clients to understand and treat their psychological addiction.

Exterior Moorpark Alcohol Detox Clinic Glasgow

Drug Addiction

We offer residential drug rehab near Glasgow, as well as outpatient alcohol, drug and mental rehab treatment for all drug addictions. Our residential programmes offer drug detox in Glasgow and allows clients to engage in a range of psychological and holistic therapies to understand their addiction. In learning about the factors and behaviours underneath their addiction, clients can then begin to reshape their lives for the better and overcome the severe detriment associated with drug misuse in order to never need to use drugs again.

Moorpark Addiction Clinic Glasgow Staircase

Anxiety, Depression & Stress

We approach healthcare medically and holistically, and therefore we are able to offer a range of treatments and therapies which can be used to treat anxiety,
stress and depression in rehab effectively. These include DBT (Dialectical
Behavioural Therapy), Biochemical Restoration, Transcranial Electro
Stimulation, Hydrotherapy and Reflexology. Our medically-qualified team
respect the gravity of these conditions, and understand the need for long-term recovery. For healing anxiety, stress and depression, you’re in good hands.

Statue at Moorpark Rehab

Expert medical staff

Medical Health

Moorpark is classed as a hospital, and because of this registration, we can offer a whole range of medical treatments and therapies other clinics can’t. Few clinics come close in support staff with a psychiatrist, doctors, nurses and fully-qualified psychotherapists all here to make our clients stay as comfortable and successful as possible. You’re in very good medical hands at Moorpark.

  • Medical assessment and treatment
  • Managed alcohol detox
  • Managed drug detox
  • Bioresonance testing
  • Psychiatrist, doctors & nursing staff
  • Intravenous & Intramuscular drips
  • Ongoing medical care as needed
  • Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

Mental Health Rehab


Our treatment explores and heals underlying emotional wounding that causes life problems.  We treat thinking and behaviours that cause hurt, dysfunction and unhappiness, getting to the root of any trauma. We help our clients heal from the inside. Our nurturing, judgement-free environment allows clients time and space to take ownership of their mental health, allowing freedom from unwanted thoughts and feelings.

  • Tailored mental health care
  • Drug & alcohol rehab
  • Psycho-education
  • Psychology workshops
  • One-to-one and group process
  • Addiction counselling
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Key working sessions
  • Relapse prevention

Complete Well-being


We offer a range of holistic activities and therapies to support real mental and physical change. Our stunning grounds are the perfect place to enjoy yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and HeartMath, a meditation programme to bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment. Reflexology, massage, acupuncture and our extraordinary spa capsule, offer hydrotherapy relaxation and restoration beyond compare.

  • Jacuzzi & spa capsule
  • Massage & reflexology
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Fitness & exercise gym
  • HeartMath Meditation
  • Nutrition testing & planning
  • Mindfulness
  • Acupuncture
  • Extensive relaxing gardens


No other clinic in the UK offers an alcohol detox treatment like ours. Whilst some may offer components, no other clinic provides private hospital-standard Pabrinex drips, TES therapy, Psychiatry and a standard of care like Moorpark. We can confidently say we have the most comprehensive, effective and highest quality alcohol detox treatment – not only for Glasgow and Scotland – but in the entire UK. More >

Addiction Rehab Glasgow

Living life sober and clean is the point of addiction treatment, and our clients receive a wide variety of addiction therapies to give them the coping skills when they discharge from us. Not only do we mend people that arrive to us in desperate need of care, we also return them home with the tools, techniques and mindset to stay clean and sober and start afresh. We fix people so they remain unbroken. More >

Vitamin IV Therapy

One of our treatments, Intravenous injections (shots) and infusions (drips) means we can help people heal quicker. By administering fluids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients quickly in to the bloodstream, we really start healing from the inside. From NAD+ to vitamin B, Pabrinex and anti-ageing Glutathione, we offer a huge range of well-being drips and shots. We have an outpatient IV clinic too. More >